Our Quality Policy

Montee Energy Trading UK Limited (MET) works towards goals and objectives established by the corporate Quality Management System (QMS) to meet requirements of ISO 9001:2015 quality standards. The objectives of the Quality Management System are an integral part of the strategic direction of the company’s business.

Our commitment is to supply customers with high quality, reliable, competitively priced products and efficient, flexible and consistent services that meet and exceed our customers’ requirements and expectations whilst complying with all legislative requirements to protect the business, people and the environment.

MET has established an extensive quality assurance system focusing on the following principles:

- Quality is an important part of our business and is the responsibility of each employee;

- Customers satisfaction and ethical workmanship are paramount to our business;

- Products and services shall be delivered on time, to the agreed price and quality specification;

- Our objective is to constantly meet customers’ requirements and deal with any complaints in professional and friendly manner;

- Approach for business processes management to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency using Plan, Do, Check, Act cycle;

- Quality Plan has been implemented and used as a framework to set and monitor our Quality Objectives;

- Equipment and working environment provided shall correspond to industry standards ensuring a safe place to work for all employees;

- Training, development and competence assessment of all employees shall be based on principals and methods for QMS improvement and efficiently managed.

- “Team work” approach has been established to involve all employees in active participation of Quality improvement through QMS; MET Top Management recognises responsibility for the management of quality within company activities and takes active leadership role for the effectiveness of the company Quality Management System ensuring that:

- Quality Policy and Quality Objectives are consistent with the overall strategic direction and the context in which the company is operating;

- Quality Policy is displayed, communicated to all employees, understood and applied;

- Customers and applicable statutory and legal requirements are determined, understood and consistently met;

- Customer focus and the delivery of high quality products and services is consistently maintained;

- Risks and Opportunities that can affect company’s performance and conformity of products and services are identified, evaluated and control measures are implemented;

- Adequate resources needed for the QMS are available, including training, support and encouragement, for continual improvement of the quality system and business processes.


We believe that through active leadership and understanding of each individual’s importance to the workplace, we effectively engage with our employees and co-workers to make them feel valued and supported. We promote open communication and more transparent work environment whether it’s responding to criticism, resolving a conflict, or communicating about difficulties or upcoming changes.


Our strategy is customer focused and based on their needs and goals. We ensure to deliver excellent customer service, and incorporate customer feedback into our business decisions. We effectively build and nurture relationships with our customers in order to develop loyalty and build trust.


We aim to become successful and adapt to changes in the market by ensuring adequate resources in terms of personnel and finances. We closely work with our suppliers and service providers to secure our position within industry and markets.