Montee Energy Trading UK Ltd is a trader of physical commodities. We trade high quality products and offer the best prices for our customers. We provide full services including sourcing of products, operations and logistics, financing trades in co-operation with the first class banks.
We deliver products to our customers by all means of transportation, including vessels, barges, bulk liquid containers, flexitanks, isotanks, RTCs, other inland transportation. We always aim at safe and timely delivery and provide constant reporting of the status of our shipments.
On the request of our customers we provide blending of different components in order to achieve the requested quality of our products.
Terminals,Throughput, Storage
In order to provide a fast and reliable delivery of our products to our customers we organise storage and throughput at the selected terminals in the regions where we provide our services. We closely coordinate with terminals and supervise proper handling of our products in order to guarantee the quality and quantity of commodities to our customers. We work with the globally accepted top independent inspection companies in order to achieve the highest level of services.
market risks same as operational and financial are an important element in our business and we carry out the risk management by applying different means and tools to minimize any kind of exposure, including hedging commodity prices and foreign exchange rate risks. We also carry out due diligence of each business relationship and acquire insurance cover for our products and liabilities.
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